The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

05 April 2009


Number Three Nephew: Be quiet! I'm reading it by myself!
Number Two Nephew: I was reading it in my head.
Number Three Nephew: But I could still hear you!

I thought of something... I found it in my mind.

Mommy, you smell like you're pregnant. (To a decidedly not pregnant Mommy)

I'll wear this even when I'm in my cabinet. (meaning casket)

You'd better get ready to be a grandma or an oma, Mommy, cause I'm nearly a grownup now! (so says 6 year-old Number Two Nephew)

Why are you upset? (asks Mommy of Number Two Son) Because you said it madly. Even meanly! (he answers)

Oh yes, I luff it! Thank you! Thank you so much! (Number Four Nephew, who can barely talk, but has impeccable manners)

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