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the lighthouse

04 March 2010


I'm in the process of making changes to the Lighthouse - in the way that men with heavy machinery stand around talking about roadwork. I'm thinking about it, mulling over the possibilities and somewhat unhappy with the idea of doing the work. I don't want to shake things up too much because I'm really enjoying the connection this provides with 'you out there'.

When I first climbed up into the Lighthouse more than a year ago now, the purpose was to induce myself to write regularly, and to uncover my creativity. It has accomplished both objectives; but, looking at the result, my inner librarian is unhappy with the structure. I've undone all the laws of Dewey and thrown every category onto one shelf... and created a behemoth of a list of labels to boot.

I'm not sure if the answer is to have a separate page for the creative writing, and keep all the chatty stuff on its own. Or can it all live happily together on that one shelf?

If you have anything to say on the subject, do please let me know.
Grazie mille di cuore!


  1. Starting out with only one blog site, I soon learned that I had a split audience. Mixing both serious topics (political and the like) and non-serious topics simply wasn’t working well. Those that were somewhat interested in my marathon experiences were not the least bit interested with my worldly opinions – such as where the world is headed, overpopulation, energy depletion, etc. That’s when I created the second blog, a blog set aside only for running, exercising, and so on. The division is working well, much better in fact. I don’t see that you have that problem.

  2. I started the blog as a prompt to work constructively with words on a very regular basis - rather than just when I felt inspired.

    Many of my posts have turned out to be about daily life - common in the blogosphere, I find - and there is the occasional rant or exhortation mixed in.

    I didn't ever expect that I would put my 'real' writing 'out there' for anyone to see for ever and ever; but with the passage of time and a boost of confidence, I have actually done it. It is for those pieces I'm thinking of creating a new blog, though I would post them here at the Lighthouse as well.