The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

09 March 2010

What I learned today

Girls with long hair should not walk in the wind wearing lip gloss.

I mean that, most sincerely. I spent most of my walk dragging my hair away from my face. And lest you start imagining me some sort of diva, let me inform you it was Blistex or something like it, from a squeeze tube. It was medicinal rather than a beauty aid. I am quite capable of facing the great outdoors without first putting my face on.

Many people were shoveling snow from their lawn and spreading it over their driveways or pushing it out into the street in an effort to speed the Big Melt along. We're all eager for green grass and budding trees. I can't wait (though I must) for the blossoming of apple trees and to see peach and pear trees in bloom. Do they bloom? I will soon find out! Stores have started to bring out their seed displays, and I'm eager to do some more gardening this year... a pot of basil I think. And maybe some of the Gloria I tried last year but lost to frost and squirrels. Argh... those squirrels!

I saw an old man through the window of a house and I could hear big band music playing inside - I think it was Benny Goodman. It made me think ahead to my old age (God willing) and wondering what young people will think of me when they walk past my house. What music will they hear? Will they think, "Oh, that's so sweet" as they identify Depeche Mode or Soundgarden as music from long ago?

I haven't mentioned them in a while so it's time for a Crazy Car Family update - you may remember that they drive away and return home again at least seven times a day in one of their two SUVs. They now have three SUVs and a fondness for letting them warm up for 10 minutes in the morning. Lovely. I should introduce them to the Crazy Car Lady from the last place I lived, and to our neighbour in New Brunswick who drove his big dump truck up and down the driveway (laneway, as they call 'em back East)several times a day.

And one last thing: here's a reason to be glad you don't live in the South of France


  1. pakm trees burried deep in snow is crazy.. have you seen them play a football game thru a blizzard in Beijing?

  2. Not in Beijing, but somewhere in Eastern Europe - a qualifying game for the last Euros. They had to stop play to shovel the field so the lines could be seen. It was pretty crazy!
    89 days to go!