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10 March 2010

Of United and Becks

Today, dear Reader, is a big, big day. The Brave Boys of the North, the clever and talented Manchester United are engaged in an important battle today in the Champions League. If they win (on aggregate score) they will advance from the round of 16 to the games that 'really count'... but with the pitch littered with injuries, they have to sweep away the fallen and see who remains standing and able to take on the enemy today.

To those of you for whom this is a lot of blah blah blah, let me say this: David Beckham. You may know nothing and care less for the Beautiful Game, but I'm sure you've heard that name: married to a Spice Girl, a son named Romeo, paid billions of dollars to play in LA and the prettiest face in sport. When he's on break from the LA Galaxy, he plays with AC Milan because he wants to be 'match fit' in order to be considered to play for England in the upcoming World Cup (92 days from today). What dedication to his profession! But before the big move to LA, he played in Spain for the monolithic Real Madrid (a pox on their name)... and before he basked in the sun he played for... Manchester United.

Who are Manchester United playing today? AC Milan. Where are they playing? On their home ground at Old Trafford. So Becks, the golden boy, is returning home, to play against the manager who discovered and nurtured his great footballing talent. The press is having an absolute field day over this, and I'm quite eager to see what Beckham's reception will be when he steps onto the pitch, playing for the opponents. I wonder, will Posh (Mrs. Becks) be in the stands?

United won the first leg against Milan, but just barely. They cannot afford to surrender any goals today, and the worry is in the number of injured players, most of whom happen to be responsible for defence.

A big, big day, dear Reader. Wish me luck.

* A big win for United! 4-0 on the day, 7-2 on aggregate. Well done, lads!

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