The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

09 March 2010


I'm so bored... somebody help me! I'll lick worms, anything! (Two, after a day full of bike riding, a long tramp through the neighbourhood, hockey games, art projects and movies)

I'm Pop! Call me Pop. Pop goes the weasel! (Four, randomly at the lunch table)

I'm doing snow throwing! (Four, to an unknown person walking by, while tossing little piles of snow in the street with a shovel more than twice his size)

Five did his bit to contribute to the big 'help the snow melt' project by carrying tiny handfuls of snow over to a puddle and dropping it in. He'd run from one side of the driveway to the other, again and again, perfectly content in this way for half an hour.

Five exhibited his love for corn tonight at supper. On a plate of carrots and corn and brown rice and roasted chicken, he searched the plate carefully, bobbing his head up and down, scanning from side to side, then carefully picking out the golden kernels and leaving everything else behind.

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