The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

25 March 2010


Keep the wire safe, cause I'm going to stretch it all the way to Hawaii (Four, pressing the cord from the ear phones into my lap while listening to my MP3 player)

The Peanuts were talking about how nice it would be to have a sister. I told them there was a nice family of all girls, and their mommy and I had agreed that we should arrange marriages between the two families. The response?

Oh, girls. (With a dismissive wave of the hand from One)
I'll bop her in the accounts. (Says Two)
I'll break her piggy bank and take her money (Very decidedly, from Three)

Oh! Help! Help my rocks! You have to help them! (Four had a handful of little pebbles clutched tightly in his fist. He tripped, and they spilled everywhere. He was very distraught, and when little Five helped him pick some up, Four patted him on the top of his fluffy white head, crouched down to look in his eyes, and said "Oh, thank you! You saved them!")

Time to get off now. Please take this swing off of me. (Four, in the park, deciding he'd had quite enough of swinging for the day)


  1. Love the "take this swing off me" comment the best, though they're all cute!

    Showcase tomorrow night. I find myself at loose ends with no one fun to share the ticket table and creaky bra stories with. :o(

  2. just that little action of crouching down to look in his eyes... that is him to a T