The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

06 January 2012


I do a lot of complaining here, so it only seems fair that I be just as verbose when it comes to baring the good things, too.

Finances are rather tenuous at the moment.  In the words of Georgette Heyer, I'm rolled up, and could use a repairing lease. (I've mentioned recently that I'm seeking to make a change, work-wise, and until I get that sorted, my wallet has room to let)  I'm having fun, actually, exercising my Dutch inclination to guard my pennies, making them last as long as possible.  It's a challenge that offers satisfaction - I feel that I've won a victory when I resist the siren call of two-for-one cotton balls, remembering that I have half a bag still at home.

Satisfying though it may be, there are times when the red line comes too close and I can't help but worry a little. I know that I am called to trust in Providence - that if I am a a good steward of what I have, and seek to honour God with what I do, all will be well.  Not necessarily easy,but well.

Christmas brings its own financial challenges,and for me this year, particularly so.  I haven't been getting much work at my current job at all, and wondered if I would be able to meet a certain financial obligation.  So, yesterday, nervous and somewhat reluctant to learn the truth, I logged in to my employee account to see what my next pay cheque would bring.  The amount I will receive exactly matches the amount I have to pay.

Ask and you shall receive.


  1. Ahhhh....I know that feeling all too well. Praise the Lord!

  2. A long time ago, when I had a young family in a galaxy far, far away, I was barely able to keep my family's head above water...and it seemed that every time I had overtime and had the chance to get ahead financially, something unexpected happened and I would be slapped with a bill...but lo and behold, the extra I earned from the overtime covered it. Each and every time! I remember then of being annoyed by that, not being able to use the money except for unexpected bills but as I grew in wisdom :) I realized that God was providing for me...I was just too bullheaded to see it at the time