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14 January 2012


Isn’t it convenient that when someone in a movie or on tv is conducting surveillance, the person they are surveilling performs the vital actions in front of a window?

I was able to watch a little footie today.  My boys in red and black took on some Wanderers and beat them 3-0.  Well done Manchester United!  Even better, Paul Scholes, came out of retirement at the age of 37 to score the first goal of the match -- his 103rd League goal for the club.  What I like about him, other than his talent as great midfielder, is that, Mancunian born and bred, he's been with United since the age of 14.  Good to see you back in the red and black kit, Mr. Scholes.  Today's perfection was topped off with Ryan Giggs also taking his place on the pitch.  Just like the good old days!

Number Two and Number Three Nephew are going to Britannia on holiday soon to visit the English branches of their family tree.  They're crossing an ocean!  It's hard to believe they're big enough to go so far away... but it's also hard to think of them being so far away being as little as they are.  I don't know how you parents do it, honestly I don't.

Confession time: I have an addiction.  I am totally, fully and completely hooked on Downton Abbey. Having to wait a whole week to find out if Slimy Thomas will get his comeuppance, or whether the Countess will finally clue in to the utter spite of O'Brien is almost more than I can bear.  And that's after having to wait months and months for series two to make its way to our shores from the Olde Worlde.  Is there a happy ending in store for Anna and her Mr. Bates?  Matthew will survive the war won't he, and surely he won't marry that blonde piece (to quote the oh so fabulous Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess of Grantham). I can't wait, and honestly, having to go a week between episodes is a bit like knowing there is a chocolate cake out there but I only get one slice at a time.

Speaking of all this tv watching, what did people do before there was a boob tube?  I marvel at the idea of how much I could accomplish if only I didn't spend so much time in front of the box... or in front of this screen tapping away at the keys.  And I'm not even all that far gone!Do you see those stats that come out about how many hours a day some people devote to watching tv or playing video games?  Shocking.

This old (old?  it's all of 3 years old) portable laptop I use is not so much portable as a pain in the bottom these days.  The battery is good for about 5 minutes. The power cord doesn't fit in its doober anymore so it has to be put in at just the right angle, held in place just so under the corner leg of the computer.  The external speaker doesn't work either, unless the headphone cord is halfway in at a precise angle. So convenient.

I was recently linked to at a website called  After it happened, there was a spike (ever so brief) in the number of page views here at The Lighthouse. My first thought after seeing my name at was chagrin - something along the lines of "Oh crap! Now I have to be serious." I was embarrassed to have the nonsense I write about seen by serious Catholics.  That feeling soon faded, so don't worry, Reader dear, I shall continue to be as trivial as ever.

The last random item I'd like to share with you comes from my journal of a few days ago.  I had been reflecting during prayer that I was experiencing prompting to intercede like I used to years ago during a very spiritually intense time in my life.  After, I opened my bible randomly and it fell to Psalm 139:24
"And lead me in the ways of old." Isn't that cool?  I love how God does that.

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