The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

14 January 2012


"Four, I'm compleply done." Five to his older brother, mistaking the consonant.  He also says "I meed to find my socks" and, "the ninoceros is a big animal" I will really miss this when he gets his speech sorted out.

"I know the way home; me, the bat." Four, assuring me we were going to get home ok while we were out walking.  He was wearing his batman cape at the time.

"I can't find my leaf!"  Walking down a path through the woods completely covered with fallen autumn leaves, Four dropped the one leaf that was very special to him. Sad eyes implored me to help him, so we retraced our steps home in the attempt, with no success.  That was a terrible day.

"What on the earth?"  Don't you love it when they get grown up expressions wrong?

"Guess what you get to play with tomorrow?  Me!" Five preparing me for the delight that waited for me when his brothers went off to school the next day.

We like to walk the neighbourhood at night when the houses are all lit up with lights and Christmas decorations. Four and Five squealed in glee to each other when they saw two white, twinkly creatures in the lawn down the street from our house.  Look, said one to the other.  Look what they have: the Christmas pig and the Christmas goat!  (In fact a polar bear and reindeer.)

"Mama, do you know how to make a dolphin?" I overhear the most interesting things sometimes.

Five was sitting beside me one day when he seemed to develop a sudden and massive twitch. "Can you hear this?  Can you hear what's inside my head?"  (Shakes head vigorously from side to side)  "It sounds like a forcefield."

I'm going to share this story with you, but please don't be offended.  Keep in mind that this was said during Christmas when songs about button eyes black as coal, and coal left in shoes on St. Nicholas (St. Nicholas whose assistant is Black Peter) Mama and Papa Nut are God parents to a boy named Cole, so the name comes up during bedtime prayers every evening.  Four was cuddled in his daddy's arms one such evening as the boys went through the usual prayer routine: God bless Mommy and Daddy; God bless all the Brothers; God bless all the cousins; God bless ... and so on.  Then came Cole's turn, to which Four pipes in, "Cole... is he the black kid?"

Five was successfully potty trained many months ago.  Now begins the process of teaching him bathroom hygiene for full independence. (By which I mean to imply that we are still wiping his bum) He is still so sweet and squishable, not to mention well mannered so it really isn't a hardship. However, this House of Nuts does on occasion become... nutty, shall we say?  Poor Five will be sitting on a throne either upstairs or downstairs politely calling out "Somebody!  Somebody!  Can you please wipe my bum?"  On one such hectic and loud day, he was waiting for some time for someone to hear him.  When I finally clued in to the fact that what I was hearing was a cry for help, I couldn't figure out where the voice was coming from, so I was yelling at him to tell me where he was. When I finally tracked him down I told him he had to tell us where he was or we wouldn't know where to go.  From then on, this is what we hear, "It's me, Five.  I'm in the upstairs bathroom. I need help."


  1. I am awed by the natural love your family shows to each other...totally awed...thank you.

  2. Thanks, Bobby. I am blessed indeed.

  3. Enchanting. They are ....... Enchanting!!!