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22 January 2012

Of politics and flair

My sister (known in other posts as Mama Nut) and I just had a political discussion.  American politics, in fact.

The discussion was not unusual - we often talk politics and world events over the remains of the latest meal.  The topic is not always so lofty, for we are equal opportunity gabsters; so celebrity on dits are just as frequently hashed over (did you know Beyonce and Jay Z named their little girl Blue Ivy?)

Tonight's theme was about the need for passion and honesty in public life.  Not amorous passion, you understand, but rather conviction in what you stand for, and campaigning with what you believe in, rather than what opinion polls suggest you should be saying.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired of vetted and tested position statements - not to mention the approved red or blue ties according to party allegiance. Where's the flair rather than the fear of offending? Where is the fire to serve instead of the hunger for power or prestige?  If a candidate doesn't really believe ethanol is the answer to the energy question, why talk it up as if it were his most dearly held ambition to make every vehicle ethanol burning because he's shaking hands and kissing babies in Iowa?

Clearly we had the answers to all things and managed to solve the problems of the world in a short 30 minute conversation.  Should the leaders of the free world need advice and guidance, we can be reached here, at The Lighthouse. We're offering our insights for free.


  1. Well now, I'm not a leader of a free country, but I am a citizen looking to exchange OUR leader for another one, hopefully a real one this time...any advice?

  2. Get on your knees Bobby. And get out your vote. And have a back up relocation plan to return to your roots perhaps.