The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

05 January 2012

The Other half

I've gone silent.

There is a military expression about silence that I can't remember exactly... operational silence, radio silence... ? Whatever. I have silence because my rational, communicative, aware brain isn't with me at the moment. It's gone underground.

This happens to me whenever I need to process something - a change, a decision, a brilliant insight. My introverted brain needs to deal with the data in seclusion and solitude, only sharing the result with the rest of my brain when it's good and ready to do so.  Sometimes that can take a long time.

Meanwhile I'm left out here wandering the world with half a brain. You know how people say, "I've half a mind to..."?  Well, that's what I'm operating with at the moment: half my mind.

I'm looking forward to the reunion.  I've sent out invitations, prepared nice activities for when we're together again, and made sure the place looks warm and welcoming to entice an early arrival. I'm worried that it's found a better home, one where it is fed fish oil, where a crossword puzzle a day keeps the Old Timer's away, and it isn't asked to recall inane lyrics of the 80s.

Has anyone seen my other half?


  1. Be patient...God is probably conversing with it. :)

  2. THIS JUST IN: The other half of missing brain has just been spotted in Ohio. It's doing well but thinks you should come to reclaim it. Plenty of silence and potential [though not necessarily actual] solitude to be claimed here!