The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

16 January 2013

A room of my own

The old ways were good ways, some of them. One I like is that of renting rooms rather than an entire house or even an apartment. That would be the perfect housing solution for me: I'm single, so I don't need a lot of space. Nor do I like to cook for just myself so I'd rather spend less on rent and have meals out, or make use of a tiny kitchenette for a simple meal or to make a cup of tea. Only needing a few pieces of furniture would make the constant relocation process so much easier.  Books, bed, a table, a chair or two of my own, a few precious treasures - who needs more than that?


  1. I've wondered many times if our Lords affinity to the poor included the fact that those with few material possessions had less to blur their view of God? The poor have little choice in the matter of having and not having and become more dependent on God.

    Those of us that do have the choice and means to acquire "stuff" beyond what is necessary and deliberately choose less of what the world has to offer, have in my view, taken a major step towards what truly has value and what does not.

  2. If I were to choose someone to join me in a desert island it would be a person like you. :-)

  3. You're right on the button, Bobby. Material goods can be a distraction, an obsession, and ironically an impediment to happiness for many people. They are not an evil in themselves, but our attachment to them sure can be.
    I beseech you: be stuff-less, be free!

    While I am honoured by your vote of confidence, Luis, I would not be a good person to have in such dire circumstances. My survival skills are very poor, and I get cranky when I'm away from home for too long.

  4. Tess
    I'm pretty sure the things will improve soon to you. I've read by chance one of your storys and you got a gift.