The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

28 January 2013

Of pride and prejudice

You must allow me to tell you how ardently
I admire and love you.
Oh happy the day two hundred years ago that saw Pride and Prejudice published for all to read and reread and read again.  Happy the pen that wrote it, and happy the mind that conceived it.

Surely Pride and Prejudice is one of the Great Books. It in its turn has inspired endless volumes of fan fiction (other authors 'continuing' the story) and many film adaptations (most notably the 1995 BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, shown in the pictures here) and P+Pesque stories (Dear, dear Bridgie) . Jane Austen is on my list of people to invite to dinner.  As is Fitzwilliam Darcy.
I am excessively diverted.


  1. Please consider this my application for employment. I assure you I am just the person you shall require to serve the dinner you have named, for yourself and said guests. My fee is reasonable (nothing), and my resume is stellar. My eavesdropping skills, you will find, are exceptional. I assure you that, should you be able to arrange said dinner party, my transportation to same shall be, in comparison, of no consequence.

  2. Oh, but Nancy, while I believe your qualifications are impeccable, you too are on the list of invitees to the dinner!

    (your comment was very funny)