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the lighthouse

18 January 2013

Candle candle burning bright

I was given a gift recently, a candle in an absolutely beautiful glass jar with a fitted lid. I admired the craftsmanship of the container, the charm of the label...oh, what does that say? The wick is a new design, meant to crackle like a real fire. Patent pending.

I love gifts that carry some element of risk. The open flame of a regular ol’ candle is really quite tame, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s ramp the experience up a notch with an unpatented wick. I’m game!

I have it burning on the mantel beside me.  I’m a candle girl. I often light the living room with nothing but candles. I write letters by candlelight, listen to Brahms by candlelight, enjoy bubbles by candlelight... it’s always candle time. They are soothing. They light a lady perfectly. They give my imperfectly painted walls a genteel glow.

This candle, however, is not so relaxing. This is Extreme Candlelight with a bouncing four inch flame that sounds like it’s coming from an old gas lamp. It’s stressing me out!


  1. I have never heard of a 'stressful' candle, though it sounds intriguing. I love candlelight as well, I think that it is a woman thing, though I tend to limit my candles to power outages:). I guess the best thing about candles, including ones with four inch flames, is that they do burn down eventually:).

    God bless, Frances

    P.S. I really enjoy your discriptive writing!

  2. Four inch flame? Sounds like a candle NASA would make.

    I, too, enjoy your writing. You may be one of the few people in the English-speaking world that still speaks English.

    As I was writing this, a question came to mind: Some schools in the US no longer teach cursive writing. Do you have an opinion on that?

    Thanks for you time in reading my comments,


  3. It's some candle! It's called WoodWick with pluswick innovation - a patent pending wick design that delivers faster fragrance, better burn, and soothing crackle.

  4. Thank you, Frances and Kevin for your kind compliments; they are very encouraging! You just might find me in a book some day.

    Kevin, as coincidence would have it, I'm currently writing something about writing for The Feminine Gift. In some of the reading I've done, the demise of handwriting has been addressed. Yes, I have an opinion on the importance of cursive. Stay tuned!