The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

02 January 2013

The Notebook

I write things down.

This is simply good practice when you have a brain as sieve-like as mine. I used to remember the things I needed to, especially once I'd written them down.  Now - and this might be a result of early onset Alzheimer's - it's no longer enough that the thing is written down somewhere, I actually have to read it again to remember it.

I had a notebook dedicated to a writing project.  Did you catch that?  I had a notebook dedicated to a writing project. I've spent the better part of today looking for that notebook.  It's frustrating, because, honestly, where on earth could it be? I'm positive I've used it since moving to New Town, so it has to be in this tiny apartment, doesn't it? More than that, it's a sad loss because it contains such a lot of work and for it to be gone... devastating.

I'm hoping this is the last of the old year's mind-goofs, and not the start of the new year's forgetfulness.

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