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the lighthouse

10 May 2009


Happiness in two photos:
Ronaldo does what he does best: SCORE!!

Ryan Giggs. Elder statesman, gentleman sportsman, doing what he does best: play beautiful football.

The Best Team Ever (Manchester United) played their arch rivals today: Manchester City. That's right, they come from the same town. There is no love lost between the two. You can tell which are the City players: they're the ones in Baby Blue. Isn't it a sweet colour? Not a real manly colour, but you know...sweet. TBTE won, naturally. It's my sister's birthday today, and she is a devoted United fan, so it's only right that her team should win on this of all days. I'm just an innocent beneficiary of the results. Poor me.

United have three games remaining and then the season is over. They are three points up on the second place team...those Scousers who never walk alone (sounds awfully insecure to me...a United fan or player would be able to do something as simple as walking all on their ownsome) and have one more game to play than the other title contenders. Because United have also qualified for the Champions League Final, they have been playing more football than the other teams, and have more football to play still than the other teams, which is something of a disadvantage. They are, however, The Best Team Ever, and are quite up to the challenge.

Glory Glory Man United!

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