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the lighthouse

18 May 2009

Oh frabjous day!

Frabjous: a superlative meaning wonderful, fabulous. Originally from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, but also quoted by my hero, Lord Peter Wimsey. Days like today need a word like frabjous. It denotes an extra little sprinkle of chocolate on the light foam topping of a perfect's just that little bit more you were secretly wanting before it became too much, and therefore no longer perfect.

I don't have terribly exacting standards, so lest you begin to imagine I've won the $49 million, or been swept away by Sean Bean, let me tell you the ingredients of this frabjous day: sunshine, my car, Depeche Mode, an open body of water, a garden centre, family. (As well as a slight yet lingering victory hangover of TBTE winning the Prem -- a small but significant element of this frabjousness)

As I was driving through beautiful farmland on my way back home, I was very aware of my happy state, and I was so grateful to not need fabulous things for frabjous happiness. I'm not sure how I'd handle $49 million, or a monster diamond ring...or even a spa weekend. I don't think I'm cut from that cloth (though I can certainly appreciate fine things!) (and really do like sparkly diamonds!)

My wish for you all, on this Victoria Day weekend, is that the summer ahead will be full of frabjous days and sparkly moments...contentment by the bucketfulls. May your cup runneth over, and most especially may you have moments of utter awareness of just how frabjous your life is.

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