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the lighthouse

23 October 2009

Lessons for a Friday

Hold on to your hats: these are going to be profound!

I just washed the kitchen floor - on my hands and knees, if you please - accompanied by the musical legacy of that great Swedish pop group everyone knows and loves, and two wiggly little boys. One of whom is progressing very well in his PT (potty training) and the other still in nappies. I gave them their own little bowl of water and rag and assigned them an out-of-the-way corner to scrub, but soon found myself jostling for space in my own bucket of water, and they were wet from head to foot. Little Five kept slipping and falling on the wet floor, and cruel Auntie that I am (actually, I'm a cruel Tante) I would send him around the kitchen on errands, just so I could watch him skate and do the splits. In my own defence, it was very funny. I eventually stripped them down to their skivvies, leaving myself with two little bandy-legged tadpoles to splash with.
What I learned from this? Even the most mundane of tasks is more fun when shared, and more enjoyable when done with laughter.

A wire in my wire-equipped foundational garment just snapped. How secure are our homes and buildings, if engineers can't manage to construct a reliable piece of essential lady's clothing? I'm just thankful it didn't happen while I was driving or something dangerous like that.
What I learned from this? You take your life in your hands getting dressed each morning. Offer a prayer of gratitude when you have survived to undress at the end of the day.

My sister, whose Lighthouse name is JB, told me of a good customer service experience she had this week: it came while searching for ink refills for her happy-making funky pen. (The pen looks funky, and it makes her happy - it has sparkle, you see; very glam) She went to Schmoffice Depot, where she was waited on by an older gentleman who had very clearly taken the precepts of customer service to heart. Seeing her standing in the aisle, he asked if she needed help. She explained she was "just looking for pen refills" and he walked her over to the display, examined her pen, found the correct size, quizzed her on her preferences in colour and density, assisted her in her other search for batteries, took her to the cash, and processed her order. All the while being respectful, professional, not overly friendly and chatty as if they were brand new best friends, and was efficient and competent. I am going to encourage her to contact the store to let them know it was noticed and appreciated.
What I learned from this: there IS still such a thing as good service, and it can even be found in your generic franchise business. The world is a good place afterall.

I've gone exploring this week, into the woods close to home. There are many paths and trails to discover, and they are so beautiful. Yesterday, those of us not in school full time went to an historic old town near to home well known for it's boutique high street. This time, instead of window shopping, we tramped down side streets and discovered a lovely waterfront park. I still feel full-up inside from the day.
What I learned from this: taking in beauty from the outside makes me feel beautiful inside. Not beautiful in appearance, but in the sense of paring my thoughts and motivations down to what is simple and pleasing and life-affirming. It's important to remember that.

The end for now. Have a lovely day, dear reader. Thanks for checking in.


  1. you crack me up.. . this is definitively your 'forte'...
    I enjoy it so very much, thank you

  2. I really enjoyed this entry! Good work! Kudos!