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the lighthouse

08 October 2009

Random thoughts on a Thursday

Vile, challenging, writing assignment completed, I have a moment to send some thoughts into the void. These thoughts consist of poop, bouncing bunnies, Canadian click language, and fire trucks. Here we go:

Number Four Nephew is toilet training. He's getting the hang of it, still getting very excited by the potty parade when we process to the bathroom to flush away his efforts. He gets a gummy in reward for good work, and will often come to show me...pointing deep into his mouth as it's halfway chewed. Yesterday he wanted me to help him with a bit that was sticking to his tooth. I had to politely decline.
The funniest thing to see, is when he's gone poop, he "assumes the position" which is hands on the floor and bum in the air so it can be cleaned. Then along comes Little Brother Five to make sure the job is being done correctly! And to score a gummy, of course.
Four loves to bounce around the house like a bunny. I think he has too much life bottled up inside to simply fizzes up inside him until he just has to bounce. I just heard him outside my room, bouncing, as mummy told him to find his socks:
"Go find your socks"
"Find my socks?" Bounce bounce (he also likes to repeat everything) "Find. My. Socks!" Bounce bounce bounce
"Yes please, go get your socks on"
"Awesome!" Bounce bounce "My socks!" Bounce bounce "Awesome!" (a favourite new word)
"Four, I told you to get socks, not a shirt!"
"Socks, not a shirt?" Bounce bounce "Awesome!"

Five is starting to discover language. So far he manages "ducka ducka" quite well, which is used as general commentary on life. When he really has something to say, he employs a sort of click language, peculiar to Canadian infants, which sounds like regular speach that gets stuck up in the nasal cavity somewhere. "Mrqlrkmphchk", he says. And I tend to agree.

Little boys love machines. Big, noisy machines are best, but in a pinch, any machine will do. Fire trucks, in particular, are greatly appreciated. Last night, little beavers Two and Three went to the firehall. Today, Four gets to see a fire truck on display at the public library. Better than Christmas.

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