The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

26 October 2009


Perhaphs I am becoming nauseatingly repetitive, but I have to tell you at least once more: I live in a beautiful place. I hope someday soon to have a camera so I can post pictures - for a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

This morning I went to early Mass, then stopped by the Hockey Player's Coffee Shoppe for my favourite indulgence: steeped tea (2 milk, 1 sugar) and continued on to one of the many walking trails in my neighbourhood which wanders between the trees.

Apparently early morning is when the robust walkers come out. There was practically a traffic slow-down with all the over-60 folks getting their aerobic exercise as they strode briskly and with purpose. A few had their dog in tow, and I could tell Pooch was well used to the routine, for there was absolutely no wandering to the side of the path to smell the grass or water the trees. I must have been a source of amusement and comment for them, for there was I, strolling gently and idly, stopping frequently to admire the sun glinting through the golden leaves, and observe the farmer's field stretching yellow and bronze to the horizon on one side. With my steaming cardboard cup of liquid gold in hand.

People observe the old ways here. We move to the right when someone approaches, and we look each other in the eye, giving the appropriate greeting for the time of day: good morning! Hello! Good evening! Isn't it a beautiful day? Aren't the birds in good voice today?

I hope wherever you are today, the sun shines it's gold on you. We have so much to be thankful for, in God's green earth.

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