The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

28 October 2009

Question mark

What do you do with question mark days? I've had a few of them lately. A question mark week, in fact. You know the kind of thing I mean: why am I here? What am I doing? Have I made the right choices? Do flats make me look short? I'm very good at talking myself around in circles during times like this, which results in extreme dizziness - both physically and psychologically.

I am taking refuge in books and Julia Roberts. There is a Julia Roberts movie to suit every mood: want a sweet Cinderella story? Pretty woman, of course. Looking for nail-biting suspense? Sleeping with the enemy. A tear jerker? Stepmom, Steel magnolias or Dying young. Feel like solving a mystery? Pelican brief. A nearly unhappy ending story about a floppy-haired travel book shop owner and a movie star? (and these are hard to find, believe me!) Notting Hill. Real life dramas? Charlie Wilson's war, Erin Brockovich. Girl band? Satisfaction. Adultery and deception? Closer. International intrigue in bad shoes? Duplicity.

I call it Escape Therapy. While I watch her romp her way through three abandoned weddings before realizing she truly madly deeply loves Richard Gere (again) my own little question marks are perculating below the surface. The answers will tap me on the shoulder when they're ready, if I don't startle them with sudden movement or a loud voice.

In the meantime - the hot dog has stopped dancing.... shhhhh

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