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04 October 2009

The only thing...

I have to write about today, is football. The beautiful game. Footie. My beloved Manchester United were confronted by a team they should have been able to outplay, but only barely managed to escape from with a tie - because the other team scored on their own goal. And actually, the opposing player who scored on his own net, is the younger brother of a United defender...who has been known to do the same thing! Only big brother United Defender didn't play Saturday. (I"m talking about the Ferdinand boys) Nor did Ryan Giggs play - he wasn't even a substitute for the match. Not completely surprising, as he was on for the full 90 in the mid-week Champions League match against Wolfsburg. He's a tactical weapon Ferguson uses judiciously these days; I only hope Fergie chose wisely in favour of advancing in the Champions League over losing points in the domestic league.

It's no secret I love this sport, and I love this team. But I don't love watching this team play this sport. I'm too emotionally invested, too anxious, too unable to just clap them on the back and say "Good try, fellows. See you next week!" I don't enjoy watching them flounder and struggle. I don't even really enjoy their games when they are a well-oiled machine, my friend! It's too close and personal, and I feel it too keenly for them. I can't imagine the lads down their local pub give them kind words of encouragement after a performance like yesterday.

Particularly when after today, the two teams chasing them in the standings played each other, and now one of them is two points in the lead. Rats. And this is where I struggle, for I like security, surety, safety. I want United to have a good buffer, lots of wiggle room, a clear point advantage. I know the season is still young, and there is lots of football to be played before the final final whistle...but come on! Every goal counts! Every point matters! Every game is important! My footie friends were consoling me, telling me it's no big deal...but I'm telling you: it's huge! The other teams are hungry to wrest the title away from United, so we must be ruthless in holding on to it. Ruthless, I tell you!

I mean to point this fact out to Sir Alex Ferguson, team manager. Let's hope he heeds my words!

Did you catch the movie quote?

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  1. I read it in the paper yesterday and was not going to say anything 'cause I know you eat your heart out... big kudoos for you to bring it up yourself... I love my Azzurri, even when they loose, but yes, it stinks... what is worse... it hurts....