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the lighthouse

31 October 2009

Windy Saturday

North Americans from coast to coast are putting finishing touches on ghostly tableaux in their front gardens and tweaking their fright-fest costumes. I used to love this time of year as a kid. When we lived in PMQs in Germany, Hallowe'en was something that brought the Canadian community together, and caused the natives to consider us as rather odd creatures. We lived in groups of apartment buildings, so gathering loot was dead easy: we'd go from front door to front door and practically back-hoe candy into our pillow cases. Remember Rockets and those chewy Bat suckers? Yummm. The basements of the apartment buildings were connected by tunnels, and building-dwellers would work cooperatively to turn the tunnels and rooms into haunted houses. We learned which were the really good ones, and year after year we'd wait in line for the privelege of having the s....not scared out of us. People would play scary music from their balconies, and us kids would travel around in groups, totally secure and safe within our little community. Those were the days.

Years later, my focus on this day has turned in the direction of my faith. Today is All Hallows Eve, the eve of the Feast of All Saints, which is followed by All Souls. In the Church, we remember our beloved departed throughout the month of November, but most particularly on these special days. This morning I went to Mass, and discovered that the parish had a Holy Hour prior to the liturgy - so beautiful. I love the bells and smells of being a Catholic; I find them as comforting as they are inspiring. Then I had the opportunity to go to Confession, which was also very beautiful. I mention this because since moving here, I've been trying to find a good parish that feels like home, and I think this might be it.

Spiritual health taken care of, I stopped in to say hello to the Hockey Player Who Makes Coffee, for a cup of liquid gold (being steeped tea), which caused me to reflect on the sheer perfection of the brew. Unfortunately I was given one of those rare cups whose lid malfunctioned. Does it ever happen to you, that the little flappy opening doesn't lock into place properly? It leaves you in the position of having to prop it open with your nose while you drink, causing droplets of beverage to cling to its tip. Or you may choose to hold it open with your finger, in which case you are holding the cup in one hand, with a finger of the other pressed between your face and that cup. Of course, the other option is to remove the lid altogether, but that results in rapid cooling of the liquid, which is not necessarily desirable. What tribulation!

Such are the profound thoughts on my mind today. It is a day in which the region I live has been issued a Wind Warning, which I find very exciting. I enjoy extreme weather, and look forward to seeing entire trees being uprooted. Not likely to happen, but it would be fun. *

*under no circumstances do I relish the idea of people being at risk. "I am not a monster!"


  1. Lovely! Very breezy here today too and I'm pleased to report that the Little Man ... er ... duck, had a great Hallow's Eve.

    Regarding the lids from the Hockey Player Who Makes Coffee. When they won't snap into place, try pulling the tab back just a wee bit further - beyond the bend - and then snapping it in place. Almost always works.

    (Ah, the things you learn when you work in an establishment with a Hockey Player Who Make Coffee right in your building.)

  2. Glad to hear of the Duck's grand All Hallows. And thanks for the lid tip. I look forward to being able to test it out. I remember well the establishment in your building. I know of people (not to name names, but they work at the Schmaterloo Region District School Board) who would love to get their hands on a Hockey Player Who Makes Coffee franchise and install it at their office. Nothing like a captive audience to bring in the big bucks. And nothing like a handy outlet to encourage the frequent enjoyment of the liquid gold, no?