The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

01 January 2010

Begin as you mean to go on

This is the first post of 2010 - a year that fairly rings with promise and good things.

There is difficulty and darkness aplenty 'out there' so here at the Lighthouse, for today at least, I mean to focus on the positive, to count my blessings, and to foster an attitude of gratitude. Sounds very platitudinous, doesn't it? But I mean it most sincerely. I really do feel that there is so much potential and possibility ahead of me - of us - and we have many blessings to be grateful for. After all, we don't have to worry about testicular cancer or starvation in the Sudan (can you spot the quote?)

For example, my sister went back to her hair accessories supplier, and found two absolutely fabulous hair bands which not only look lovely, but actually do the job. She also bought some hair colour in a box, and now looks absolutely stunning. You see? Just a few days ago, her hair situation seemed hopeless, and was certainly frustrating. Now she feels confident and looks smashing.

Two years ago, I was working at a job which was slowly draining my life away, and turning my soul to grey. I began to believe that I was going to spend the remainder of my days in that cubicle, whithering... dwindling into a shadow of myself. And I lived far from my family. My dream was for a life that didn't include nine to five in an office. And here I am! I'm living with my family, and there isn't an office in sight. I never could have imagined the path that brought me here, and while there are still challenges to work through, it is good. It is very good.

I'm not making any New Year's resolutions this year, but I do hope to remember to look for the silver lining, and to live each moment to the full. I don't want to waste any more time through fear or laziness or the misguided notion that I don't deserve good things.

Carpe Diem!

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