The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

15 January 2010

Was it the taquila?

Isn't it odd how our personal energy levels fluctuate from day to day? Or maybe yours don't. You may be one of those fortunate souls who eats well, gets plenty of rest, exercises regularly, has a generally sunny disposition, and experiences predictable levels of enthusiasm for life and all its work and rewards. Yeah, me too. Ahem.

By way of illustrating my point: yesterday I was dragging myself around the house, unable to accomplish anything on my to-do list (all of one item) and could happily have slept the day away, or at least spent it in a contented stupor on my bed. Today I have managed multiple loads of dishes by hand, tackled several necessary chores in and around the kitchen, baked a batch of cookies, and am diving into the preliminary work for my new course load.

Why the difference? This isn't one of those blog posts where I pose a question, deviously having a clever answer already prepared, for I truly don't know. The sun was shining yesterday, and I ate better yesterday, yet today though it is grey, I feel zippier. I indulged in alcohol last night (a modest amount and I didn't operate heavy machinery) and both days were begun with prayer time. Can a strawberry daiquiri really be the key? I wonder how I should test this theory. Any ideas?

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  1. it is simple... your body has absorbed the sunshine and good food etc, and now it is saying jippy-kayay... yesterday was the collecting of the good stuff, storing it and today it is using it happily... see, simple