The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

31 January 2010

Worth it

Early Mass is indeed very early here in SOHOE. After the alarm rang this morning, it took several dousings of cold water before I could believe I was actually awake - but somehow I was outside and starting the car before I knew it. There's nothing quite like sitting on a cold, ungiving car seat on a frosty Canadian winter morning, huddling deep into your coat, waiting for the heater to work its magic and defrost the windows so you don't have to stand in the deep freeze, scraping away and waking the neighbours before seven o'clock on a Sunday morning, is there?

There was a feeling of comradeship among those of us who sat in the pews before the sun had even risen on the day. We were the stalwarts, forgoing warmth and sleep to commune with our God. I fought to hide my yawns as we moved through the liturgy (due to the hour, not the content) but then, the magical moment arrived: the stained glass windows began to glow with the gentle rose-gold of sunrise. The colour and quality of light coming through the glass was breathtaking - so much so I was a little distracted from the business at hand. Happily,the display lasted long enough I could see it for myself as I headed back out to the car; the sky was fully alight by that point, with orange and red and pink swaths boldly banded across the horizon. What a sight!

Pre-dawn awakening, cold as ice temperatures, twisty drive down country roads in the dark... all worth it to see such a canvas by the Master Artist.

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