The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

21 January 2010


Two, while eating a meal of chicken-on-the-bone: What are chicken bones made of? Wood?

Overheard during bed time, the Peanuts were talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Four said: I want to be a cat!

I sat on the couch one morning, enjoying a piece of toast and some tea. The toast (with cheese on it) was on a plate perched on my knees. Five is at the perfect height that he was able to stand with his nose on the rim of the plate, attempting to smell the cheese. Every now and then he would reach out and delicately poke at the bread, and ask me: Toes?

Two, again while eating supper: Some things taste so good, they make me laugh.

Four, "helping" me bake cookies, was sitting on the kitchen counter by an open window. He asked me if I could turn the window off.

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