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the lighthouse

01 December 2008

Call to arms

Dear fellow Canadians:
Please take up your sword and undertake to fight. (By which I mean you should pick up a pen, dial your mobile, or login and contact your local and federal politicians). It seems that honourable Misters Dion, Duceppe and Layton have forgotten that we (not two months ago) elected, in the usual way, a Conservative government. In part, said election was called in response to repeated threats by the opposition to pursue no-confidence and overthrow the government.

During the election campaign, the Liberal Party, in particular, made the economy a particular focus, and proposed the 'Green Shift' plan as their answer to the current economic crisis. The NDP held to their traditional socialist position of asking nothing of people and giving them everything. The Bloc, well, no disrespect meant, but they even less than the NDP would be expected to follow up on their promises, so did anyone pay attention to their platform?

Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party proposed a radical economic that it wasn't radical. The main idea seemed to be: if we can't afford it, we can't have it, can't do it, can't fund it, can't support it, can't buy it. Sort of the approach we need to take as individuals. And as individuals, we seem to have agreed with the approach, because we voted the Conservatives in again. With more votes than in the previous election, it should be noted.

Now, not quite two months after that election, the Prime Minister has proposed withdrawing the monies each party receives for every vote cast in their favour in the course of an election. Perhaps there are other reasons, but I suspect this is a big cause for the current attempt by the opposition parties to overthrow our duly elected government, and seek to gain power in a coalition government, consisting of the Liberal, Bloc and NDP parties. Who would lead it, I've no idea. Could Canada potentially be governed by a party that believes adamantly in the sovereignty of one of 10 provinces and 3 territories? (essentially meaning that the one province is superior to, and apart from, all the others). Didn't Dion step down from Liberal leadership? Shouldn't the Liberals sort out their own chaos and confusion before attempting to spread that chaos and confusion nationwide?

Regardless your economic outlook, surely this drastic move by the opposition is senseless and heedless. I encourage you to write to each of the three parties, or attend one of the rallies being planned in support of Canada this coming weekend.

Stephane Dion:
Jack Layton:
Governor General:

For rally info:
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Please get involved.


  1. Hear, hear!

    This whole thing has made this not-so-politically minded person furious!

    I heard today and the so-called Coalition Party made up of the Liberals, NDP and BLoc have decided to let Stephane Dion lead as Prime Minister (until the Liberals elect their new leader in the Spring) should they succeed in overthrowing the government.

    Perhaps we should also ensure the Governer General is also aware of our thoughts on this matter as well.


  2. Hey Carly, I'm glad you got riled up, and acted on it! Way to be Canadian!