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the lighthouse

03 December 2008

Be armed

I'm proud of the response from Canadians during this parliamentary turmoil. Canadians are not typically vocal or opinionated on matters political. Perhaps the drama and posturing up on the Hill is like a stick poking the bear...and the bear has woken at last. The Canadian electorate has been asleep a long time; it's good to see you up and about, and hear your voice!
It's not just coalition protestors I want to motivate. If you sincerely believe that an alliance of opposition parties is the very best way for Canada to move forward, then please express your opinion in public forums: write your newspaper, phone in to radio shows, write your MP.
I'm on the other side of this fence. I believe Dion has already stepped down, and therefore the Liberal party is in effect leaderless; the NDP is the mouthpiece of unions, not the most disinterested, national-minded of groups; the Bloc's whole raison d'etre is to break apart our country (their view of it is different, but a broken country would be the result). Dion's poltical cache comes from his early desire to undermine the Bloc within Quebec. Liberals and NDP generally do not see eye to eye. How a three-headed monster can govern a country in an effective Parliament is uncertain.
And now, Elizabeth May (it is speculated) will benefit from this proposed coalition government as well. My opinion is that she has pushed the Green Party onto the national stage during the televised debates. Now, the Greens have a valid concern that environmental issues should be considered in the machinery of government and legislation. However, her party has not yet matured into a national level party that should have a seat at the table with the main parties. Win a riding...just one riding, then we can talk again. Ms. May really should not merit a Senate seat for riding Dion's coat tails.
All this to say, I am not an unquestioning PM Harper supporter. I will say that I voted Conservative, because I believe the traditional conservative principles most closely align with my own views. I think Mr. Harper would do well to reign himself in a tad, but in general I believe him to be a strong leader, and I admire his implacability. Our system, different from that of the US, is such that the leader of the 'winning' party has the power. The challenge comes from balancing that power with accepting wise counsel, and having confidence in your leadership team.
Please take the time and make the effort to arm yourself with the facts. It's good to have an opinion, but opinion is not the same as information. Read articles from reputable news sources (not just blogs, as interesting as they are). Once you have equipped yourself with fact, take the time and make the effort to share your opinion with the appropriate people.

So, once again, here are some links to give you a chance to express your views:

Conservative party of Canada
Liberal party of Canada
NDP of Canada
Governor General of Canada

Don't forget newspapers and petitions. Make your voice heard!

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