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the lighthouse

04 December 2008

Stand down

Prorogue.  Ubiquitous in Canadian speech today, it means, according to my friends at Merriam-Webster Online : to suspend or end a legislative session (dating back to the 15th century, so this is not a new idea, but it is fairly new to Canadians)

Prime Minister Harper and the elected Conservative Party of Canada have some breathing room to construct a new budget agreeable to both sides of the aisle.  The honourable opposition, in the form of this unsavoury alliance, has some breathing room to, well, breathe, unclench, squat and twirl.  By that I mean to cool down, think with level heads, and find a spirit of cooperation.

I have already admitted to leaning in the Conservative direction, politically speaking.  I have tried, however, throughout this upheaval to hear commentary with impartial ears...and it has been very hard.  The thing is, many complaints being fired at PM Harper - he is arrogant, is not willing to compromise or listen to advice etc. etc. are things I felt very strongly about PM Chretien, a man, I'm sad to say, I did not like or respect at all.  So it's just as well I'm not a political pundit or journalist.  I will keep my thoughts and opinions within my humble Lighthouse.

Once again, I encourage Canadians to be informed, to be vocal and on guard.  For those of you who pray, please do not forget to pray for our leaders.  They have an awesome burden of responsibility.

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