The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

08 December 2008


Another installment of the Cute Things Kids Say.

I write my name Nephew T. Is there another Nephew in your class? Is that why you include 'T'? [asks inquisitive Aunt to Number Two Nephew, as he does his homework] No, I'm the only Nephew in my class. But there is a Rebecca!*
*obviously Nephew T is not his real name and initial.

I bumped the house! [distraught Number Four Nephew, after running into the wall 'cause he was looking over his shoulder while moving full steam ahead]

Can I have another fish sandwich, without the, you know, fish?

Go pick up your mitten! [frazzled Mom to Number One Son] Man! Now I'll never have time to play!

Oh duckie? Duckie? Where are you? [Number Four Nephew bathing in the kitchen sink, with rubber duckie in hand] Coming, duckie? Ok, duckie?

Little girls I know, cute as buttons each of them, call tights (stockings) Long Socks. I love it! Wouldn't you rather wear Long Socks than nylons or even tights? Sounds pretty comfy to me.

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