The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

04 December 2008

The podium

Never has the setting up of a podium been so exciting! A nation was rivetted as doors opened, were closed, blew open, were closed again...then were opened! RCMP stood outside! The podium was wheeled into place! Wires were draped and plugged in! Aides walked around!  And we, the people, held our breath as learned and well-groomed commentators speculated as to what was happening in Rideau Hall.

There was much talk about how long the meeting of Prime Minister and Governor General was taking, that it ran much longer than was expected.  Surely it was significant?  It must mean she was consulting with consultants, or talking to the coalition, or imposing restrictions and expectations, or maybe they just ordered coffee?  (that last was my own speculation) (and have you noticed how often people say Governor Generals?  O, woe to our education system)

Finally...the moment arrived and PM Harper stepped to the podium, wearing a very conciliatory red scarf.  He was confident, to the point, rational and reasoned.  I had the same impression I had of him during the English language debates: he is sensible, does not respond to heated challenges or rhetoric.

Here's hoping for smooth governance in the New Year, wise leadership, and sound stewardship.

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