The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

21 December 2008

It's the simple things

What a good day this has been! There was a healthy snowfall here, so the world looks fresh and bright and ready for Christmas. Though the roads made travel an adventure, we all made it to Mass together, and after more than a week of having at least one person sick every day, we had a nice meal at the dining table with all four Advent candles lit. The house looks sparkly, and dressed in its best with the Christmas decorations in place...twinkle lights abound which always makes for a merry soul. My sister and I have been doing some crafting (she has been crafting, while I served as 'sous-crafter', very ably passing scissors and glue as needed). Cookies have been baked, or are ready to be baked, and plans are in place for The Turkey (which is big enough to require its own vehicle as we process to our Christmas destination).
My heart feels content with all I've been blessed with today. I'm looking forward to sharing Christmas Day with my family: all the little peanuts, and especially my dad. Being faced with the fragility of life has helped us all to focus on 'the important things' which also turn out to be the simple things.


  1. 2 "lol"'s in this one.....

    1. "very ably passing scissors and glue..."

    2. turkey requiring separate transporation...

    You're good!

  2. Thanks, Anon. Glad you enjoyed it. I meant it in all seriousness though, you know: I did pass scissors and glue, in manner of well-trained and capable nurse...and The Turkey is LARGE!