The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

13 February 2010


Little boys, it seems, can fall asleep anywhere, quickly. And inconveniently. If we've been running errands, or out for a drive, it's as we turn the corner into our street with home in sight that one or the other of them will drop off. Last night, our whole collection of Nuts were arranged in piles watching the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics. Number Three Peanut spent the last two hours in various poses on my lap, dug deep into my side, or otherwise draped over me, twitching, stretching, wiggling, poking, groaning about the ballet dancers, big-haired opera singers and just how long was this going to take? He struggled valiantly against sleep because he wanted to see The Whole Thing... and fell asleep 10 minutes from the end. We shook him awake to see the torch be lit through bleary eyes before sending him, stumbling, to his bed for the night.

Going for a walk with Number Four Nephew one blue-sky afternoon, we were on the home stretch when we came across a booming-voiced older gentleman, talking to a neighbour in his driveway. Four reached his arms up, telling me to pick him up. I suspected it had something to do with the man with the loud voice, but I asked him why. To which he replied "Because you want to!"

Enjoying pizza for supper one night, Peanut Two finished his slice and asked for another before Mama Nut even sat down to eat. I advised him to take a breath and relax, and when he didn't respond, I made the suggestion again, demonstrating how to do it. He turned to me and said "But I don't breathe when I eat!"

I was looking up at the sky, praying for a stick to fall in my backyard - Two explaining what he'd been doing outside after school.

Wow, it's like sock skating! - Four, sliding on the kitchen floor. (He's 3 years old, and never been on the ice. For him, socks on the kitchen floor is as good as it gets)

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