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the lighthouse

06 February 2010

Flowers of Manchester

Feburay 6 2010 marks the 52nd anniversary of the Munich air crash, in which 23 people died on the return flight home to Manchester, England - eight of them were United players. They were in Munich only to refuel, having played a European cup game in Belgrade.

The United team at the time were known as the Busby Babes, so named because Matt Busby was their manager and they were such a young and promising group of players. They have passed into legend, those young men, and the United of that era has the power of myth to stir the imagination, and inspire awe and loyalty among Red Devil supporters today.

When United take the pitch today, they will be wearing black armbands in memory of the talented and hopeful young men who died in Munich on this day in 1958. They will be at their home ground of Old Trafford, where 69,000 supporters will observe a moment's silence before the match.
Result: Manchester United 5 - 0 Portsmouth. Now we do a happy dance as we take top spot in the EPL.

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