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the lighthouse

02 February 2010

On the road again (Where in the world)

That might be us: on the road again. Maybe we imagined SOHOE would be proof against winter blahs and cabin fever, but in fact, winter blahs and cabin fever have found us even here. This is Canada, after all, where hours of daylight decrease, and temperatures drop for roughly five of every 12 months.

In an effort to cheer ourselves up, we've taken to watching movies set in lovely Mediterranean locales, perusing beautiful books of Italian cookery, and watching a series called Spain...on the road again, which features four friends (who just happen to be celebrities) exploring the different regions and cuisines of Spain. Very inspiring!

Imagine home being a place that is almost always warm, is almost always sunny, produces glorious vineyards and orchards, olive trees, unimaginably fresh vegetables, and has a 'dolce vita' attitude. Picture yourself enjoying an outdoor life in which your windows are always open, and you can eat most meals at the long table in your courtyard, and you don't need to set aside 20 minutes to get dressed in coat, hat, scarf, gloves, boots and long johns just to pick up the mail.

We joke that in Spain, people are happy all of the time, but wouldn't you be, if what I described above were your reality? So for right now, while we're coping with the news that the darned rodent saw his shadow and thus has sentenced us to six more weeks of this dreary winter business, we are dreaming of parts warmer and sunnier. However, south is no longer the dream destination (for a brief while, it was either Tennessee or Florida) - we're going big now: Spain. South of France. Italy. We're on the road again.


  1. I live in South Florida, and your Spain - South of France - Italy description perfectly fits our locale. We live in paradise.

  2. I'm glad you found your paradise, Rob. I just heard an expression about how "the kitchen doesn't travel; you have to eat it where it was invented" ... or grown. Something like that. I'm rather fond of the Italian kitchen, so Italy it is! If only...