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28 February 2010

Fourteen and coolio

Hello, dear Reader; I've missed you.

I've been doing a lot of writing away from the Lighthouse over the past week, and will likely continue to do so for the next few days as well. So much to do!

Not to mention a certain small thing called the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, in which my country, the host nation - CANADA won fourteen golden medals... the last of which being for hockey. Those fourteen medals broke records, for no other host nation has won as many, and in fact no other country ever, has won as many golden medals in the winter games. Well done, athletes of Canada! Life returns to normal now, which means catching up on assignments that have piled up and other dreary things like grocery shopping and laundry.

If you are so minded, please offer a prayer for me: there is a lot to get done, of a challenging nature. Thank you! I shall offer those challenges for your intentions.

In the meantime, I did recently receive another challenge: to use the word 'coolio'. Here is the result:

It was late at night on the West Coast, which made it even later on the East Coast. A phone that was dialled in Burnaby rang a phone that was answered in Antigonish.

“Ugh.” was all that was said on the shores of the Atlantic.

“Georgie, is that you? You up, man?” -- the query from the Pacific side of things.

“Leo? Buddy, it’s, like, three in the morning. Whadda ya want?”

The sounds of a happy heart traveled down roughly three thousand miles of cable to arrive in the ear of a very dear friend. “I’m engaged, man! I asked Jessie tonight and she said yes! I’m getting married!”

A mumble wrapped in a yawn traveled those three thousand miles in the opposite direction. And then a click was heard – Georgie had hung up the phone.

A girl wearing a very large and sparkly ring asked of her beloved, “What did he say?”

The beloved who had bestowed that ring was puzzled, but answered, “It sounded like he said ‘coolio’ but I don’t know what that means.”

“He was happy for you sweetie. He said, ‘Cool, Leo.’”

Which was all that was needed to make this the happiest of days for the successful suitor.

*'golden' medals was deliberate. Number Two and Three Peanuts refer to them so.

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