The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

08 February 2010


Isn't that a lovely word? Felicitous. Like anon, and vex and mischance, felicitous doesn't get enough use in the modern lexicon. We settle for all-rounder words like 'great' (it was great; I had a great time; this pizza tastes great) when so many abandoned words are withering, neglected... outsourced to the low and common mean-nothing options shared by school yard children and presidents alike.

By telling you this day was felicitous, hopefully you get an idea that it was a delightful, enjoyable day - nothing stunning or spectacular, but pleasing and satisfying. The Italians have an expression: quanto bene, meaning 'just enough' or 'the right amount'. This day was just enough; no surfeit, and nothing was lacking...quanto bene.

If I'd written that today was a 'great' day, you might imagine that I'd received an invitation to house sit for King Juan Carlos of Spain, been nominated for a Pullitzer (the first nomination for an as yet unpublished work!), or only had to read "Duck in a truck stuck in the muck" three times today. They each qualify as "great" depending on your point of view, right?

Today, almost exactly six months between birthdays, I got a present in the mail. (which included two books! Hoorah! And a cheque with which I bought something sparkly) We went for a drive through beautiful countryside, walked in the sunshine (Spring is just around the corner, I can feel it!) Number One Nephew is getting the hang of The Dreaded Times Tables (shouts of jubilation all 'round - the past week has been horrid for him and us) and the library called about a book I requested (it's in and mine for three weeks and now suddenly I am rich in reading material), I learned how to double crochet (why did I ever settle for single?) and not a blessed thing was crossed off my to do list!

I am fortunate, blessed and thankful to have days like today. Soon I may find myself behind a desk once more, doing office work and dreaming of being able to live like this, of enjoying all these little moments. I know today was a gift; it was a day of great felicity.


  1. Interesting word, felicitous. Our wonderful friends that live in Washington State recently named their first born, a beautiful daughter, Felicity. I like the word!

  2. A little girl! Congratulations to your friends on their new baby, and kudos for the name.