The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

17 February 2010

Squirrel chase

I'm taking a break. Well, it's not a sanctioned break so much as my feet got cold, so I went upstairs to get my slippers. But before that, I posted a thought online, which caused me to wonder if my style guide was in a box or on the book shelf upstairs. Why not check the basement, I thought, and so off I went. As the laundry machines are set up there, I strayed from my course to shuffle some loads around, thinking about my sister while I did so. Which thought propelled me all the way upstairs to make sure the door was unlocked for when she comes home. On the way I spotted the main phone, which reminded me that one of the extensions went missing a few days ago, so why not look for it while the house was quiet? But when I pressed the button to signal each extension, I couldn't tell if what I was hearing was the one I knew was downstairs, or the one that might be hidden downstairs. So back down I went to get the one I knew about, and back up again to press the button once more. The phone was found under a sofa cushion in the living room. By this time I was feeling parched, so I prepared a glass of water with a squirt of lemon (it's Ash Wednesday) and headed back downstairs to the laptop. At the bottom of the stairs I remembered the book I was wanting, so went back up again, found it on the shelf, and descended again to where the work is. Then I realized my feet were still cold, as I had totally forgotten to get my slippers which triggered all of the above.

Which does rather make me question: how do people manage to get work done, when their office is in their home? Discipline is definitely required - a virtue I demonstrably do not have, as one random thought led me on a convoluted squirrel-chase through the house, before settling down again, 20 minutes later!

Since I'm not being productive at the moment, I'll take this opportunity to share with you some exciting news: I got my first rejection letter yesterday! It's official, folks -- I'm a writer!

Now where did I put my glasses....


  1. I love this post and keep coming back to read it again and again.

    You are very funny lady, Ms. Tess!

    Hope you did eventually manage to get those slippers!

    WVW: referra

  2. Thank you ma'am. I happen to be a bit of a doof, but I do appreciate the compliment.

    Referra: a female recipient of a referee's call; the male counterpart being referro.

  3. "Wat het hoofd vergeet, moeten de voeten ontgelden!"

  4. "What the head forgets, the feet must pay for"

    Very true, Anon.! The truth of which my feet are very familiar with.