The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

10 February 2010

I have it under control

I have it under control
Promise I do
Don’t cut me, delete me, erase me, revise me
I know what I’m doing – it’s part of the plan, see
I’m committed to
This new me; I’m on a roll

I live by the calendar
The tick of the clock
The minutes, the hours, the months pass
Till time itself shatters – like glass
Next you’ll remark
You didn’t think I’d last; it’s been a whole year

There was a long list
I was to attempt
To remodel, improve, revamp and re-do
I’ve kept my part – now it’s about you
Don’t think you’re exempt
Expectations are so few; I insist.

~ Thanks to Jon for the challenge


  1. Nicely done! Thanks for taking up my little challenge...

    I like this poem. I read a little bit of irony as well as sarcasm here...

    For me, that's always a good hook... implicates me as a reader, and perhaps even you as a writer...

    Thanks again...

  2. Thank you, Jon. I appreciate the prompt, and the comments.
    As for ironical implication - I stand innocent on the sidelines.

  3. Sure you do...

    That's what smart writer always says!


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