The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

16 May 2011

Come walk with me

Though it was chilly and windy, I had to say hello to the water, and I brought my camera along to show you one of my favourite places.  Usually, Lake Ontario is a wild child, throwing itself at the beach in a full-out display of power.  Today, despite the wind, the surface was calm and the waves lapped ever so gently at the sand. All the same, the sculptural trees clinging to the dunes are spectacular, and the vast expanse of the water settles peace deep inside.

Lake Ontario, unusually placid

Gnarly tree

Tenacious trees

Lake Ontario, as far as the eye can see.  No hint of Toronto today

Wonder who that could be

Lunch in the dunes

Wild turkey, anyone?  They were running across the road as I approached.
By the time I stopped the car, they were well across the field.  They sure can scoot!

A truly Anne of Green Gables road at the entrance to the park

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