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24 May 2011

Manchester United vs Math

It would make things so much easier if the whole world were on the same time.  Hear me out now, because this could work.  Instead of clocks being different at each time zone, people would just hold to different schedules.  For example, I am GMT -5  so I would work from 4am to 12 pm which translates to a 9-5 day.  The sun would come up around 1am, and I would go to bed at 5 pm.  It's simply a matter of becoming accustomed to the numbers meaning something different.

This is a brilliant idea because Manchester United plays an exhibition match today, in honour of Gary Neville who is hanging up his boots. (Imagine retiring at the age of  36 )  He's been with United since 1992 and is part of an illustrious group that includes his brother Phil, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Nicky Butt, and Paul Scholes who came through the United youth academy in the 90s.

The match starts at 8.30 Manchester time, and though my heart is Mancunian, my time is Eastern. I can never remember if England has daylight savings, and if so does it cancel out ours, or does the time difference increase?  Decrease? Is Manchester on the same time as the rest of the UK, or is it like Newfoundland with an extra half hour tacked on?  And if i comes before e except after c, then clearly science breaks the rules.

I think I've worked out the math correctly, but I wouldn't count on my figuring skills. How sad to miss out on this event because numbers make me feel like my head is on backwards.  Unless those numbers look like Manchester 4, Juventus 1.

*edit:  First half 1-1 United. goal Wazza, assist Giggsy.   Giggs has been subbed off.  Juve  goal  Pepe
*end game update: United 1 - 2 Juventus

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