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the lighthouse

15 May 2011

Soul from the toes

Here are two songs that chase each other through my mind these days.  I like passion over perfection; prefer messy to meticulous when it comes to music. I love singers who open their mouth and sing from their toes - to me that is soul.

These singers couldn't be any more different from each other, but both are clearly emotionally connected to their music.

I don't know anything about Adele, but I hear this song everywhere I go these days, and I like her style. She really and truly just lets it go.  (Oh, if I could but wear false lashes like that!)

Chris... ah Chris,  I've loved you long (pizza love, but sincere for all that) Soundgarden? I'm in.  Audioslave? Yes. Temple of the dog? You've got it.  Solo?  Absolutely. He's one of the best rock vocalists out there, but the boy's got soul, as we can hear in "When I'm down".  I love the unexpected lyric: I only love you... when I'm down.  But one thing for you to keep in mind: I'm down all the time.
There's a comment under this clip on Youtube saying he sounds better the longer his hair is.  After watching Ticket to ride from this same concert, I'd have to agree.  It really is time to bring back the rock vocalist, isn't it? Enough with the autotuned 'hey hey, oh oh'!

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