The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

26 May 2011


I'm no housekeeping maven, but I do pride myself on a certain level of tidiness. Around the house I'm known as The Kitchen Nazi (not in general, you understand, but when the occasion calls for it) because I'm pretty good at whisking that spoon out of your hand and depositing it in the dishwasher.  And then getting you a new one when I realize you weren't quite done with it yet.

There are clearly areas that I'm not quite so proficient (let's not discuss vacuuming), though I did still consider myself competent. In these areas my sister shows me up for the slattern I now know myself to be. For example: I like a clean shower, so I hose it down each time I use it, and include it in the weekly elbow-grease session.

I recently discovered, however, that there is a whole new level of shower cleanliness I wasn't familiar with. My sister bought a nifty product that seems to be battery operated, with an on/off switch which delivers cleaner like an automatic rifle: steady, sustained bursts, evenly distributed, and highly effective for the job at hand. Imagine!  No more pumping a nozzle with your finger! No more excess in one area while another is under-sprayed!

This is the best thing since the disposable toilet-bowl brush.

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