The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

22 May 2011

Travels with Tess

I spent the weekend back in the last place we lived in, also known as the Nation's Capital.  It was a spur of the moment decision, a whim, an act of  Providence. I had such a lovely time with oldie-but-goodie friends, and as icing on the cake the weather was absolutely glorious and it happened to be the last weekend of the Tulip Festival.  Because I'm playing with a new camera, here's a brief photo essay of the trip:

The 'big city' near Oma's

Mocha - Mama of my Diggory

Doesn't do justice to the vibrant, sari-like blend
of purple, orange, pink and red.

I think God must have had the best time imagining
the endless variety we see in nature.  The tulip is near the pinnacle, I think.

This must have been an American tourist looking for snow.

Filling up on the St. Lawrence.

Apple blossom arabesques

Home is just beyond the ferry landing.

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