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the lighthouse

23 May 2011

Cute things other kids say

I got to spend some time with the Tree's Little Man last weekend.  He's such a delight with a lovely blend of practical "I know how to do it right" with a whimsical "I'm baking cupcakes for Brother and Sister Bear's birthday" sense of play.

Mama Tree asked him how his day at school was.  "Good," he tells her.
Did he do any seat work?  "Yes, " he affirms. "We cut and pasted and coloured." 
Oh yeah? asks mom, interested, what did you make?  "A duck and ostriches."
Umm, a duck?  And ostriches?  "Yep," he affirms.  "A duck.  And we had to give the duck some ostriches."
Mama Tree and I questioned him, and helpfully suggested other barnyard animals he may be confusing with a giant bird of the African continent.
"Ostriches," he insisted. "You know... these things."  And he pointed up into his nose.

He gave his duck some nostrils.


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. Oh, except that he doesn't "paste". He "glues". :o)