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the lighthouse

08 June 2011

CTKS Kindergarten style

I visit the Kindergarten classes during the course of my work day.  It's fun to see them sitting at their little tables, four or five to a group, eating their snacks and talking to each other like they're grown-ups at a dinner party.

Today, I overheard this conversation:
"My brother is crazy."
"How do you know he's crazy?" Said his friend, not in a disbelieving or challenging way, but entirely interested, as if he was going to go home and diagnose his own family for signs of crazy.

As an aside, Five sang himself to sleep tonight. His lullaby?  Boom boom pow, by the Black Eyed Peas. No idea where he's heard it from, but he did a very good job of it.


  1. Absolutely love this. And wish wholeheartedly that you would come and work at the Little Man's school so I could eavesdrop on his day through you. (I really miss not knowing what goes on in his life for those 2.5 hours while he's at school.) Sigh.

  2. Might be time to invent the kindergaten cam?

    I know how you feel... I am very sad at the thought of Captain C going to school next year; someone else is going to know a piece of him that I won't. I don't know how you moms do it!

    I think you, Mr. Tree, and TLM need to move to Sohoe, so that I CAN keep an eye on him for you!

  3. Ah, if only we could move the pool too. I'm so attached now. Probably not a good thing. :o)