The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

05 June 2011

Things heard around the house today

"I'm looking for the big boys."
"There's one under the kitchen table."

"Sorry... I'm just looking... is that a person laying on the roof across the street?"

"Why do you do that?"  Overhead while passing the bathroom door, one little person to another.

"One, I like you now."  After telling his oldest brother he didn't like him anymore.  When asked why, Five said, "Because he kept punching me, and punching me!"  (a vivid imagination, has Five.  One had been very kind and played ball with him at the pool.  There was no hitting involved.)

Five was following Two around the house.  Two needed a moment to use the facilities, and Five draped himself against the door, dejected.  Told to leave Two alone, and give him some room, Five said, "But I just love him."

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