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the lighthouse

06 June 2011

Of pods and rats

You know, sometimes you shouldn't sit on a really good idea, but move immediately when inspiration strikes.  Someone beat me to a girl's commentary of sports - they've even got a nifty website and everything.  Dear Reader, you know how enamoured I am of The Beautiful Game, but even I don't watch it like men do.  I don't keep statistics and best formations in my head... I'm watching the drama, lamenting the unfortunate colour choice of the keeper's kit (and so loving the Spanish gear of last World Cup) and in general investing heart and soul into a favourable outcome for my team of choice.  Men commentate with names and numbers:  "Nani...  Scholes....Brown... he has appeared in only three matches thus far this season... Brown to Giggs... Giggs has been with United for a remarkable 24 years..."  

I know... dull, right?  Maybe I'll figure out this podcasting business and give it a whirl, at least for my own entertainment.  I crack myself up on a regular basis.

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