The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

19 June 2011


My pants are soaped - Five, after riding down a wet slide.  He meant 'soaked'.

I want to wiss - Five, asking if he can blow the whistle on my key chain.

I want to be in my tummy.- Five, informing us he wanted to go topless.

Can I go to the water mountain? - A kindergarten student at school asking if he can get a drink from the fountain.

Freddie McCurry is a good singer. - One, while playing rock band.  I'll let you figure out who he was talking about.

Two mothers were sharing stories about what their kids do. They discovered that their boys liked to hop or jump or leap everywhere.  "Isn't it nice," asked one mom of the other, "that they still like to skip?  My guy bounces everywhere."
"No way, Mama!"  Piped up the bouncy boy in question, "I haven't done that since last week!"

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